Linus was right; security is a good thing!

Linus-PeanutsWhen you were a kid, what was your favorite item?  The one thing that never left your side?  A blanket?  A stuffed animal?  That one thing that gave you comfort, no matter how filthy it got?  My brother had this thread-baren teddy bear that would fall apart and I would sew it back together.  Maison Chic designs fun and unique security items for babies and children that comfort them in their formative years.



green alligator plush blankieBlankies combine the plush of a stuffed animal with the security of a blanket.  They are colorful characters made of soft, snuggly material.  Pint-sized for your little one.

Travel pillows fit gently around your little one’s neck to provide a comfortable resting place for tired little heads.  This product makes blue shark travel pillowtraveling in the stroller or car seat comfy and fun!

Multifunctional blankies are made of soft fleece.  They have tabs of varying textures and two teething rings to occupy babies and frog multifunctional blankie


Tooth fairy pillows protect dental treasures until the Tooth Fairy can exchange them for money.

All Maison Chic products meet or exceed US safety standards for children’s products.    Their security plush are designed in collection for layered gift giving.   Now if you’ll excuse me, it’s time for a nap.  Where’s my blankie?blue dinosaur tooth fairy




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