New Laminated AMPM Kids Products at LineDriedLinens

AMPM Kids have expanded their laminated line for children.  These items are not only practical, but functional, and clean-up is a breeze!  For the toddler, the zoo animals sleeved toddler bibssleeved bib, because a toddler wants independence, but hand-to-eye coordination is still improving.  And then there is the splat mat, cupcakes reversible blanket 2which reverses into a play blanket!  Talk about a twofer!  On one side, a laminated spat mat which can be used at meal or art time, and on the other side, a soft blanket, perfect for naps or play time.  The Sunday tote laminated bag is perfect for an outing.  Patterns coordinate with existing AMPM Kids laminated products (art smock and aprons).  AMPM Kids make items exclusively for children that are practical, functional and fun!  Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go take a nap on my splat mat!  sports sunday bag


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